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[EN] A "Gaudi" in Barcelona, Spain.

You cannot deny that the Catalans are cheerful. In the Catalan metropolis you can experience a wide variety of experiences at any time and meet a wide variety of people. Whether a weekend in winter or a week of summer vacation. Everything has an individual character. Each district is on its own and every cafe or restaurant has its own flair.

What I prefer to do in Barcelona: Xocolata Calenta drink in different places, because you can find that everywhere - be it bistro or award-winning kitchen. My favorite drink is on Barcelona's famous Las Ramblas shopping and retail street. Apart from the culinary variety, which I always enjoy, there is also so much culture and history to discover.

Have you heard of Gaudi? So not the "Gaudi" (fun) that exists in Vienna;) but Antoni Gaudi, who is omnipresent in and around Barcelona.

Gaudi is not only a Spanish architect who is known for the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, but also a representative of the Catalan movement of the Modernisme Catala.

As much as he contributed to the city's culture, his demise was tragic. Gaudi was hit by a tram in Barcelona and due to his neglected appearance, people assumed that another homeless person was injured. Because of this, he was not immediately taken to hospital and died as a result of his injuries. And that made me think a lot about life, change of time and people…

We come to something that many do not know about the history of the triumphal arch. Instead of the triumphal arch, the Eiffel Tower was intended and should actually be there. The residents of Barcelona rejected the Eiffel Tower in a referendum and now it stands in Paris and Barcelona got the red bow instead.

I loved Barcelona, ​​the beautiful metropolis on the Mediterranean. I can say with great joy that the Catalans will definitely see me a few more times because there is always something new to discover and you can never get bored with this variety.

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