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[EN] My secret island of retreat Murter, Croatia.

My retreat in Croatia.

Nature, sea and sun.

Spending the whole day by the sea, occasionally taking a boat from island to island and watching sunsets.

Doesn't that sound like a perfect summer day?

This is my favorite place to be. On an island called Murter. The interesting thing about this island is that it is very easy to drive to Murter, as there is a small bridge in Tisno that connects the island with the mainland and is easily accessible.

There are both private beaches and small towns on the coast.

I am rather remote and further away from the action in a resort, the Golden Haven Resort in Murter.

Every time I'm here, I try to start my day actively because, by and large, it will be a calm experience anyway. That's why I start my day with a morning run. With this view, you really don't mind jogging along the path along the sea. But as soon as this is done, the relaxation starts. Have a cocoa on the beach and by the pool or maybe just go for a swim? What would you do? Probably just both. Oh and if you are lucky enough, as I am, you can even see dolphins!

Both from the room and from the sea while swimming, you have a wonderful view of the Kornati islands. The Kornati islands are the largest and densest group of islands in the Croatian Adriatic, consisting of around 150 small islands. I could not only see it from a distance, because in a few minutes you can reach it very quickly with the speedboat.

It's a good way to go! Sit under the sun all day and end the evening with a sunset.

After the darkness has arrived, it gets cozy. Although I don't drink wine, strangely enough, I feel very comfortable in wine cellars, because I particularly like the charm there. And so as not only to sit inside, I like to go outside too. To the pool. Yes at night! Swimming in the pool feels completely different. Under the stars!

I come here again anytime.

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