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[EN] Viennese flair on Croatia's coast, Opatija?

Abbazia was once the Austrian Riviera, the destination of the jet set of the Danube Monarchy. The rich, beautiful and aristocratic spent their summer retreat here.

And on the Lungomare, that's what the waterfront promenade from imperial times is called, you stroll in a flair that you absolutely have to experience.

There are many villas from the Habsburg era in today's Opatija. It really looks a bit like my hometown Vienna! So my first impression was: Wiener Sissi and Franz Flair on the Croatian coast.

Once upon a time this area was for weekends and days when you wanted to switch off from everyday life and that's why I think that it is also perfect for relaxing outside of the high season. It is good or bad that the city currently looks abandoned, especially in the evening, in the high season. Can you imagine being on a once so lively and attractive promenade and not having any tourists around you due to Corona?

Corona is obviously an unpleasant companion here too, but we can all wonderfully declare war with the right measures. Every single guest who is here at the pearl of Adriatic should and can do that. Because our hosts do it too.

The disinfectants and the wearing of masks are noticeable on every corner of the Grand Hotel Adriatic. The concierge at the entrance and the staff behind the reception all wear their masks. Looking at the reception aquarium and the colored lobby, I wouldn't mind spending the whole day with or without a mask.

The employees who work at the pool and in the spa area also have a wonderful view of the sea and the coast. I could enjoy this view from my room as well as from the small restaurant. In terms of restaurant, I was surprised with a meal.

Unfortunately, this surprise did not end as expected, because every course was with fish or seafood. Everyone who knows me knows that I don't eat any fish or seafood at all. It was probably not for me, but I could end the evening with a walk on the promenade right at the foot of the hotel.

Abbazia made a nice impression back then and Opatija has made an impact on me today. Because, as you know, I can't get enough of such a culturally rich, traditional and historical city like Abbazia ... Sorry, I meant Opatija!

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