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[EN] PRCS Talk

I use my voice, my face and my power to create significant work.

I use my reach to transport important messages - to give you some things that are important to me.

I actively use my voice and not only for fashion, travel, lifestyle - these are eye-catchers - but primarily to push important topics.

I've been involved with a few projects trashcans on the beach, voice of experts, racism, including the most recent: PRCS.

PRCS has a special origin story. With the Bikini Collection I have had the pleasure of being able to wear my own bikinis and on the other hand I make a statement with every bikini. WE are making a statement with this. Love Yourself and Be You no matter what size, shape, color or gender. That's the message behind it. Every body is beautiful, every person is beautiful!

We are here now to make a difference: for friends, family, on Instagram and above all for ourselves. Take something away for yourself, added value.

For this reason I created the PRCS TALK. This is an added value for all of us and so that we can deal with the topic of self love, above all to motivate each other and show how important it is to use social media for positive vibes.

These rounds of talks should serve as an exchange, because you can achieve more in a group than when you sit alone at home.

So even if you have a small community eg. on Instagram or have a small circle of friends: if we have reached just one of them and he or she is helped, we have already achieved a lot.

Be Strong, be Confident!

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I use my voice, my face and my power to create significant work. Ich nutze meine Reichweite um wichtige Messages zu transportieren - um euch einiges mit zu geben was mir wichtig ist. Ich setze aktiv m

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