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[EN] The modern "old" in Labin, Croatia.

Small but nice, that's how you can roughly describe Croatia's cities. And don't forget old! But not the negative old, but the historical and traditional old with a touch of modernity.


This modern touch stands out especially in the cuisine and

the stylish boutique hotels.

Like the family-run hotel and restaurant Peteani. The family of the Peteani has been represented in the restaurant business for a long time and

has since a period of time a carefully thought-out concept with a restaurant and hotel all in one.

We are in Labin. Labin is located in Istria and with this we have arrived in the green oasis of Croatia.

With its proximity to Austria, Istria is a wonderful travel destination to switch off in between and let yourself be pampered.

“Let yourself be pampered” is probably my keyword ... because I have to tell you, in addition to all the work and the shoots, I was spoiled with culinary delights in Labin.

I therefore give you an insight into my thoughts while I am eating.

Tasty, tasty and the tastiest.

Through and through, we were served specialties that were not only prepared with love, but were also regional high-quality products. From the gold from Istria (truffle) to the sweet tradition of Labin (Krafi), I experienced a taste explosion.


What is still interesting and what I didn't know at the time when I tried it: we are in the best olive oil region in the world and accordingly the olive oil tasted heavenly.

The meal was celebrated and we stayed in the restaurant for several hours. Can you imagine eating for 3 hours and completely forgetting about the reality around you?

It was similar to me. Or was it 4 hours after all?

It is not only the food that plays the role that you spend so long at the dinner table, but also the environment in which you are.

Knowing that a young chef, Antonio, is behind the art and the family will serve and present the food to you, makes dining a real adventure.

Love actually goes through the stomach with style and modernity.

Plus point when the adventure comes to an end, you are a few steps away from your room and you can fall asleep straight away.

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