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[EN] Tradition and Culture: Hotel Esplanade in Zagreb, Croatia.

It is clear that Zagreb is not the number one destination when you talk about Croatia. Zagreb, in german „Agram“, is on the mainland, almost inconspicuous as a capital next to attractive destinations such as Split and Dubrovnik.

What many do not know is that Zagreb has a charm of the unknown.

I had the opportunity to discover and explore Zagreb more often and I noticed a lot.

For example, it should not be overlooked that the proximity to Vienna is fantastic for a weekend trip to get to grips with the diverse culture.

On my last visit I was able to live and consume more history.

Yes, to discover and learn history and culture is like a drug for me, an addiction that I will not get rid of…

I was a guest in a hotel that is not a conventional hotel. It is a hotel full of life within the walls with a lot of history and character. The Hotel Esplanade is already an old lady at 95 years of age.

So let's call her that in our story: the old lady.

May I introduce: on April 22nd, 1925 the old lady came to life and has been shining in full bloom with ups and downs ever since.

We are not passengers of the Orient Express, which traveled en-route through Paris-Venice-Istanbul, and had its stopover in Zagreb, but Viennese who are on a city beach hopping tour, but also experience modern / quality luxury for our stay in Zagreb as a stopover.

The location of the old lady was already a central point for the guests.

This central point has remained so ideal to this day, because everything is perfectly accessible on foot. In the immediate vicinity is not only the garden known for the Advent market, but also the main square Ben Jelacic.


And this is where our adventure in Zagreb begins ... it starts sweetly for me!

Yes, you got it right - sweet in the sense of ... senses!

The old lady brings a culinary delight and I was welcomed with macaroons and chocolates.

Who can resist? In no time the candy was gone and you probably know where they went.

But not only the sweets seduced me, but also the food in Zinfandel's restaurant.

And in that case a woman managed to seduce me. The restaurant has a female head cook, Ana Grgic. She interprets traditional Croatian cuisine according to the times. Every dish is prepared with attention to detail and I had a beautiful view enjoying these moments on the oleander terrace.

But even those who want to experience Parisian chic in Zagreb are in good hands with the old lady.

Croatian cuisine combined with Parisian traditions can be found in Le Bistro.

Keyword - Strukli - because that's the specialty in the old lady's house in Le Bistro. It is a salty curd cheese strudel! Delicious! and ... Bon appétit!

In order not to just write about food (because that makes me hungry again), let's go back to the inside of the old lady.

The furnishings are fascinating and this obviously high-quality elegance, which is Art Deco glamor with all contemporary conveniences.


With this interior and these colors you can't help but unpack elegant couture dresses

and do shootings.

At this location you feel like an actress from a movie from the 60s.

Do you know that?

Put on a sexy look that is no longer sexy but mysterious? That's how I felt.

It would take a lot more than just a few days to savor every corner of the hotel. Both the size, the architecture and the interior design make it a kind of museum full of sophistication….

In terms of architecture, I found it interesting that Adolf Loos took part in the competition to build the old lady ... And we already know our Mr. Loos from Vienna and his Looshaus, where I like to spend time.

What would the old lady have looked like if Mr. Loos had won? The final winner was then a German architect named Otto Rehnig, who alternated the plans with that of the Croatian architect Dionis Sunko.

We can admire the end result to this day and still experience it today.

My end result of staying in the old lady is an indescribable feeling, which has to be experienced for oneself and preferably several times.

I'll be back, see you soon old lady!

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